Source code for gtts.tokenizer.tokenizer_cases

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from gtts.tokenizer import RegexBuilder, symbols

[docs]def tone_marks(): """Keep tone-modifying punctuation by matching following character. Assumes the `tone_marks` pre-processor was run for cases where there might not be any space after a tone-modifying punctuation mark. """ return RegexBuilder( pattern_args=symbols.TONE_MARKS, pattern_func=lambda x: u"(?<={}).".format(x)).regex
[docs]def period_comma(): """Period and comma case. Match if not preceded by ".<letter>" and only if followed by space. Won't cut in the middle/after dotted abbreviations; won't cut numbers. Note: Won't match if a dotted abbreviation ends a sentence. Note: Won't match the end of a sentence if not followed by a space. """ return RegexBuilder( pattern_args=symbols.PERIOD_COMMA, pattern_func=lambda x: u"(?<!\.[a-z]){} ".format(x)).regex
[docs]def other_punctuation(): """Match other punctuation. Match other punctuation to split on; punctuation that naturally inserts a break in speech. """ punc = ''.join(( set(symbols.ALL_PUNC) - set(symbols.TONE_MARKS) - set(symbols.PERIOD_COMMA))) return RegexBuilder( pattern_args=punc, pattern_func=lambda x: u"{}".format(x)).regex
[docs]def legacy_all_punctuation(): # pragma: no cover b/c tested but Coveralls: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ """Match all punctuation. Use as only tokenizer case to mimic gTTS 1.x tokenization. """ punc = symbols.ALL_PUNC return RegexBuilder( pattern_args=punc, pattern_func=lambda x: u"{}".format(x)).regex